What am I doing up right now?  I don’t have to leave for another 45 minutes, and I barely have anything left I need to do.  I set the alarm for this early, because I’m always a little anxious about accidentally oversleeping and being late or missing babysitting in the morning, which now that the school year is on, I do two mornings a week.  And if I can barely handle not getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep, how am I ever going to manage when we eventually do have a baby?


3 thoughts on “So…sleepy

  1. Oh… you fumble through. I hardly remember anything from the first few months of Vinny’s life. When he started sleeping through the night at six months, I started functioning normally again.

    Most bosses (assuming they’re not complete psychos) are pretty understanding in this phase, especially if they’ve ever had kids.

    But my hypothesis is that the reason it was relatively easy to pull all-nighters as a teen is that evolutionarily speaking, that’s the age at which you’re supposed to be having babies. A thirty-something like myself should be a grandmother, not the mother of an infant. 😉

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