Such a refreshing morning

Yesterday, I had the greatest time babysitting.  I had missed the children so much, and getting that opportunity to play and be with them was wonderful.  When I arrived and pressed the doorbell, I could hear Toddler excitedly saying my name in his toddler version of it, and it made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.  I entered the apartment and Baby was all smiles at first too.  Later he cried because it had sunk in that momma was leaving for a bit, but I was able to distract him with toys and she snuck out quietly with Toddler, and then baby and I got to play.  I started feeding him a jar of breakfast food and he was all smiles until the super came by to fix something, and he was quite upset at this intrusion and wanted to see exactly what this person was doing in his apartment.  It was about nap time anyhow so I gave him some milk and tried to keep things quiet while we waited for the super to be done.  At one point I was sitting on the couch with Baby in my arms, and the super stopped to wave and say hi to Baby.  He gave a big smile back but then nuzzled into me like he was shy about it, and it made me feel so trusted and happy that he could be tucking his head into me for protection from semi-strangers!

Later, Toddler came back and all three of us played for a while as mommy went out to get some me-time.  We had so much fun, and the kids play together really well now.  Toddler is so kind and adorable.

Overall, the morning with the kids was just the break I needed to refresh me and get me more ready for classes and all the data analysis I have to do.  This is why I went looking for a babysitting job!


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