Campus is abuzz….

Classes began again today, and campus is just full of students and energy. I like the change in atmosphere, the feeling that fall is coming and that the school year is on again, but I’m not terribly psyched about classes starting. I am happy I will only be taking two classes this semester, so I get to spend the rest of the time working on research, which is great. I should be babysitting a wee bit less than I did over the summer, so that will allow me a little more time to work and relax.

As it is a new month, that means there is a new scientiae! Check it out over at Thus Spake Zustra, which is generally an awesome blog to check out.

This weekend was very relaxing. Husband and I spent a lot of time at home, together, playing computer games and console games. On Sunday we got a new game for the Wii, Mario Strikers Challenge. It’s a soccer game, except it’s mario so there’s all these funky special moves and abilities and you can throw shells at people on the field and stuff. It’s really fun, and we spent a good deal of time Sunday and yesterday working as a team towards the Striker Cup, which is the game’s championship. We achieved the Fire Cup and worked towards the Crystal Cup, but haven’t gotten that yet. We did make it past the round robin play to the playoffs for the Crystal Cup, which was an improvement. Then the Striker Cup is the final one. It’s fun to work together on the same team instead of playing against each other!

Well I could chat about all sorts of things, but I’ve got to get up early tomorrow to babysit, and so I think it’s time for bed. I haven’t seen the baby and toddler for over a week now, and I miss them! I’m looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow morning, even if it does mean me getting out of bed earlier than I normally would. Much, much earlier…


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