I’m working…woah.

So it’s 10:13 pm, and I’m at home, and do you know what I’m doing? Voluntarily?  I’m working on my research!  Running some data analysis!  Imagine that!

It’s rare that I do work because I really want to more than because I feel like I should get it done.  It feels really nice, to be this interested and intrigued by what the outcome of the data analysis will be.  Quite pleasant, quite pleasant.

In other news, I’ve felt very strong baby fever lately.  I’m reading a book on baby sleep, and it’s very interesting, but it makes me think a lot about when I’ll have my own baby.  I borrowed it from the mom I babysit for, because it describes the general philosophy she uses for her baby’s sleep.  I thought if I read the book myself, and understood the theory and reasoning behind it, I would be able to comfortably perform a pre-nap routine with the baby that follows her guidelines.  I’d have to say, it does seem to be helping to that end.  I felt much more confident putting baby down for his nap today, able to not leave him alone to cry but also to not cuddle him too much – i.e. to not rely on too many “sleep crutches” that baby won’t have when he wakes up during the night.

Ok, enough about that, back to that data analysis…


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