Home sick

(First, a note.  I swear, I’m still around and hope to post more soon, but as I had imagined, August has been a really busy month.  Hopefully I get back to blogging more in September!)

So today, for no apparent reason, I was sick.  Last night I felt a little feverish when I lay down for bed, and then this morning I thought I was ok until I got on the subway.  It was rush-hour subway travel, and for a portion of the trip we were right behind another train and had to stop and wait before we could move again.  I got all hot and sweaty while the train was waiting underground, but I didn’t think too much of it as I hadn’t eaten anything yet and figured I could just really use some water.  Finally I got to my babysitting job, and I got a glass of water and felt mildly off, but ok.  Later in the morning, baby went down for a nap and I took a nap too.  It was very restless but at the very end I was starting to sleep deeper, and then baby woke and it was time for me to get up.  As I was playing with baby, I started feeling even more sick.  So I ate the cheerios I’d brought with and tried to drink water, but while I managed it for a while, it didn’t get better.  A half hour later I was feeling really nauseous and feverish and I called the mom to tell her that I’d need to head home as soon as she got back, which was fine.  I had about another 15 minutes, and I thought I’d make it ok, but literally just before she got back I went to the bathroom and threw up.  So I came home to nap and rest.  No idea what happened, but I’ve been feeling mildly nauseous for the rest of the day.

On the plus side, I’ve felt very loved by my cat, Fluffy, as she spent pretty much the whole time laying by my side on the bed – sometimes under the covers with me, other times on the pillow by my head.  She really cuddled with me, and her affection makes me so happy to have this lovely cat in my family.  And of course Husband was very kind and took care of me with cuddles and water.

Ahhh, I love my little family. ::purr::


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