Reading…but not the same as most

So, like so many people, I have been consumed with reading this weekend. I am not, however, reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) just yet. We picked up the book on Friday night at the Lincoln Center Barnes and Noble, which turned out to be a fun experience but not the raucous party that it sounds like they had over at the Columbus Circle Borders, where there was a “Grand Hallows Ball.”

As I had not read a Harry Potter book since Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6) came out two summers ago, I had been meaning to reread the books before reading the seventh. My husband had not read 5 or 6 until a few months ago, and he read them all so fast that he finished two months before the new book was coming out.  So I decided to wait until a little bit closer to start reading them, anticipating that I would read them quickly.  But the summer wore on and time snuck up on me, and before I knew it was two weeks until the book release and I hadn’t started.  So I began, a little under two weeks ago, to reread them beginning with the first.  I managed to read 1, 2, and 3 in their entirety, and then for book 4 I skimmed it and read completely the beginning and especially the end.  Then I read book 5 in its entirety, which I just finished last night – I was reading book 5 while we waited in the line to purchase book 7 at midnight.  Now I am on book 6, and my husband is about halfway through book 7.  I’m trying to finish book 6 just after he finishes the last one so that I can pick it up right away to read it.  The suspense is difficult as we are both so excited and he wants to talk about the story with me, but my memory of book 6 is only vague and buying two copies just so we could read it at the same time seemed silly considering we are rather low on money right now.  I am sure I will have finished book 7 by the end of this week, and I can’t wait!


One thought on “Reading…but not the same as most

  1. Enjoy reading, all of them! We didn’t buy two books either, but fortunately my fiance wants to read a lot of papers before we go home for holidays soonish, so I have it mostly to myself 🙂

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