Still feeling like crap

Yeah.  This scares me.  I can barely handle getting out of bed and going about during the day.  Today I was feeling much better in the morning, but then I had to walk around outside for a bit, just small things like a few blocks to and from the subway, and I started feeling crappy again.  I came home, because I had no cash and no credit card and no money in the bank either, and there was pretty much no way to eat if I wasn’t at home, where we have a store of non-perishables like pasta and cereal.  So I got home and it was refreshingly cool in here – Husband and I like to keep it below 70 degrees – and I was just going to rest a minute and then do work from here on my super fast home computer.  The next thing I knew I was happily curled up in the bed, and I didn’t wake up from my little “rest” for another five hours.  When I woke, I felt out of it , a little nauseous still, and hot, so I got some ice water, which definitely helped.  I watched an episode of Star Trek with Husband (we’re going through Next Generation starting with season one, and we saw the season finale tonight.  It’s such a good series!), and now I’m off to bed again.

My body is in such crappy shape.  I can barely handle day to day activities in summer heat.  How will I ever manage to function when I’m pregnant some day? Yikes.

Here’s hoping I manage a more productive day tomorrow.


One thought on “Still feeling like crap

  1. Summer heat is hard even for those of us who live in hot places (e.g. Tennessee). Just take good care of yourself, drink lots of water and eat healthy foods. You can get dehydrated in the heat before you even know it!

    Word of advice from the voice of experience: Don’t spend a summer pregnant in Tennessee. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot in my life!

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