Staying indoors

It’s 95 degrees outside right now, according to  Not only that, but it says it feels like 100. Degrees. Fahrenheit.  My god!

I’ve been feeling a little nauseous since yesterday midday, when I thought I was gonna hurl.  I made the mistake of not eating well yesterday morning, and I didn’t realize it was supposed to be so hot (it reached 96 degrees here yesterday).  So I think that was not a good start to a day in which I really needed to take extra care of my body, since I really don’t do so well with heat.  I hadn’t even brought my sun visor!  I had to walk about 6 blocks at one point yesterday, and I remember feeling by the fourth block like I needed to go inside and get a breath of cool air again.  Yeesh!  Then I didn’t eat well for the rest of the day because I didn’t have any money to buy lunch and I hadn’t packed anything, so I scrounged up $1.00 in change and bought stuff from the vending machine.  I was thirsty but I didn’t have enough money left for a drink as well, and it hadn’t occurred to me that it was related to my feeling kind of sick.  At least I had a better meal for dinner (I made chicken tacos), but then I went and painted more of the trim in our bedroom, which meant inhaling a little bit of paint fumes which was probably not a good idea considering how poorly I had treated my body all day.

So today, feeling nauseous and tired, I managed to stay inside my apartment.  And drink lots of water.  But I feel really out of it – like a little bit loopy.  And still a bit nauseous.  So, lesson learned: check the weather and take care of yourself, especially if it’s supposed to be in the 90’s!


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