Considering moving abroad

So my husband and I are still seriously researching moving abroad after I finish my doctoral program here in the US. I’ve decided that as we continue to learn more about these other countries, I will post about it here under the tag “considering moving abroad.” Although I may not get to posting for each of the countries and aspects we look at, I intend to more thoroughly research the health care system; education system (in particular how university works and if it’s paid for by taxes or out of pocket); status and power of religion; economic state (including cost of living and job market outlook); climate; work-life balance outlook (parental leave, vacation time, hours worked per week, child care options); immigration and naturalization laws; attitudes towards minorities, drugs, and sex; and likely cost of visiting and keeping in touch with friends and family in the US.

Wow, looks like a big project. But then, we have at least three years to do this work, and it means so much to us we are eager to find out the information. So, let’s get started with my next post, about education in the Netherlands!


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