My new elite mount!

My new elite mount!, originally uploaded by Flicka Mawa.

So yesterday I made some significant progress in the world of my alter ego, a gnome mage who tirelessly adventures across the lands of azeroth and outland to help all those in need and to fight against the onslaught of the burning legion.  She particularly likes to assist the scientific endeavors of the Cenarion Expedition.  She finally got an elite mount, which runs much faster than the standard style, but costs a whole crapload more.  It came with red detail painting, headlight and rear lights, and even a rear view mirror. Now she’s riding in style!


One thought on “My new elite mount!

  1. Hello fellow gnome!

    Congrats on the beautiful mechanostrider! I myself had the purple mechanical chicken – and then moved on to a purple elekk. A gnome on an elephant, it doesn’t get any more comical than that.

    Best of luck to you in Azeroth 🙂

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