Ferber post generated traffic

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this, given that a much larger percentage of the country is interested in babies and how to put their baby to sleep than in the specific niche of academia or of graduate school, or anything else that I write about. But I do not cease to be surprised at how much of the traffic I’ve been getting from search engines is coming from people google something related to how to get their baby to nap, ever since I wrote a post on the Ferber method vs. attachment parenting.

The next biggest search topic after baby naps is definitely things relating to the grad school work-life balance.

Here are the searches that led to my site this week:


studies on Ferber method 2
depression napping 1


Search Views
baby will not nap 1
put baby in crib cry nap 1


Search Views
wordpress academia 1
academia depression 1
methods for putting baby to sleep? 1


Search Views
is sleep good for a baby with a fever? 1


Search Views
baby not napping long 1
baby light sleep napping 1
putting baby and toddler in same bedroom 1


Search Views
babies cat napping 1


Search Views
the ferber method and napping 1
senior cat not eating 1

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