Cleaned some more

So I took Saturday to try and finish more of the cleaning that I had on my list of things to do. Last weekend after my post I did finish cleaning the bedroom, moved everything out and washed the floor – went over it multiple times, because hey, how often do I bother to remove everything from the room before washing the floor? Then I put things back in the room in a neater, more manageable manner. It looks so much better, and Husband and I agree that the room seems more relaxing now. Even the cat thought so! Fluffy was found napping on the mattress shortly after the room was cleaned, which wasn’t her favorite place to nap before. I had finished cleaning the kitchen as well, so there were only two rooms left. I did all the dishes in the sink and began the unpacking of some of the boxes of things we had from the last time my mom visited when she brought wedding shower gifts from last fall. One of these was a box full of dishes, matching the other box we’d gotten earlier, both as gifts. I registered for two boxes of these dishes because a) I wanted a set for at least 6 but it was for 4, and b) I know I’m a clumsy person and pieces will break. I’d rather not have the whole set be lacking when I break a piece or two, so extra matching dishes seemed like a good idea. The box, which had been shuttled around a lot through multiple states, had not been enough to protect all the dishes, and some of them were broken in the box. Kind of a bummer, but we still have 6 total small plates and all 8 big plates, so really it’s not so bad. And it was nice to have the extra space back!

This past weekend I emptied out the remaining boxes of things, and I moved the stuff around in the living room and cleaned the floor. There was so much dirt! It looks a lot nicer in here now as well, but I still need to clean the curtains and blinds. And of course, in the whole apartment, I want to add more decorations. In particular, I take a LOT of pictures, and I’d like to have some printed and framed and decorate the apartment mostly with art and photographs that were done by me or my Husband. This will be fairly cheap but I would like to use nice frames, etc, so it won’t be the cheapest thing I could do.

Another note: I’ve discovered washing things by hand in my bathtub and hanging them to dry in my living room. As it turns out, this is really handy for when we haven’t gotten to the laundromat and don’t have the cash to have it all washed anyhow. I’m out of the necessary clothings and so I washed a handful by hand, and they are drying now. Problem solved, and for no money at all!


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