Found just what I was looking for

So I found a new blog, through some of the others I read, on which the author not only had her first child in grad school, a second child a few years later, and is now an assistant professor on the tenure track, but this author is also in the exact same field as me!  So I’m not going to link to her in this post, since I’m keeping my exact field anonymous, but I will link to her in other posts about the blogs I read, to be sure.

Also, an update on the babysitting situation: I worked on Friday morning with the kids and the mom together, and it was a much more relaxing day.  We talked a lot as we walked with the stroller to the Children’s museum.  I definitely get along with her just fine, even if I don’t agree about the sleep method.  It was much less stressful, but probably in part because we didn’t have to put him down to sleep at all during my time with them that morning.  He fell asleep on his own in the stroller both on the way there and on the way back – no crying at all of course, so refreshing!


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