Scientiae Carnival

So I recently discovered the Scientiae Carnival, through the blog of a feminist engineer. From their welcome page:

Scientiae is a blog carnival that compiles posts written about the broad topic of “women in STEM,” (STEM=science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and may include posts:

  • stories about being a woman in STEM
  • exploring gender and STEM academia
  • living the scientific academic life as well as the rest of life
  • discussing how race, sexuality, age, nationality and other social categories intersect with the experience of being a woman in STEM
  • sharing feminist perspectives on science and technology
  • exploring feminist science and technology studies
  • I think I’m going to start following the Carnivals regularly, and maybe begin to post. It seems like a really great community, perfect for the sort of community I’m looking for to help me through being an academic woman in a STEM field.


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