Lazy me

There are so many things I want to write about, and so many productive things I could do.  Instead, I spent the entire evening watching House on DVD.  I have a paper to write and then the semester is officially complete for me, and yet I feel so tired and burnt out I can barely drive myself to run that last stretch.  I didn’t really take any real breaks this semester – I spent Spring Break studying for the quals.  I can’t wait to finish this last paper and really just veg out for a while.  Especially the last few weeks, taking the quals and then learning that I failed them (I swear I’m going to write about this soon), has been so emotionally tiring.  I’m worn out, and frankly, I should be.

Husband and I have recently planned to go away with my brother and some of his friends next weekend.  We’re going to go camping and do social, relaxing things.  I cannot wait.


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