Good morning, good morning

“Good morning, good morning!” (sung as Elaine does in the episode of Seinfeld where she’s all happy because she thinks she’s getting an apartment in Jerry’s building.)

Well, it’s a bright and cheery 7 am. Ok, maybe not that bright yet, I think there may be a few clouds. And maybe I’m not that cheery yet, because I’m emphatically not a morning person. I’m awake, but very sleepy. So why am I up at all, you ask? I am up this early because I am going to babysit. I am watching the baby while momma takes the toddler to a class. I am crazy. I am a night person, like my husband. The both of us, when we have no reason to keep a schedule, naturally begin going to sleep in the wee hours of the morning and getting up in the afternoon. So when I say I’m a night person, I mean I’m literally a nocturnal being if my schedule allows. But I volunteered for this, even including the Wednesday morning part, because I love babies so much. And I crave baby interactions so much. And I don’t regret it at all. I love building a relationship with these kids…they are so cute! And cuddly. And cute! And I just want to snuggle them. And maybe nibble their toes with some chocolate sauce. Mmmmm…..

So here I am, at 7 am, my husband still up from the night before because his schedule has gotten so out of wack. The one good thing about sleeping with him still up in the other room is I get to sleep with my cats again. Husband is a very light sleeper, and we’ve been keeping the cats out of the bedroom most nights, because sometimes they’ll start scratching the mattress or running around and it will wake him. But I love having them sleep on the bed with me so much, I usually let them in even if I’m really tired. Fluffy (not her real name) has lived with me since college, when I illegally kept her in the dorms with me. I met Husband less than a year after adopting Fluffy, and he began sleeping at my dorm with me. Back then we didn’t have a choice of putting the cats out of the bedroom, but also back then Husband wasn’t quite as light of a sleeper. Everynight Fluffy would sleep on the bed next to my legs, and it’s so adorable when she actually sleeps on top of me. I even think it’s cute when she lays on top of my head.

Right now, Fluffy is laying between my arms as I type. She’s learned how to curl up with Husband or I at our computers, how to curl up just right so we can keep working (or playing as it so often is) and she can just nap her cute little kitty head on our arms.

Even with just my cats Fluffy and Feisty, I am sometime so overcome with love and affection that I can barely contain it. Of course, it’s even stronger with my husband, but I can squeeze him really hard or pretend to eat his fingers and that’s all ok. With the cats, I have to hold in check the desire to squeeze their fluffy, cute bodies with my hug, because they’re much smaller and more fragile…plus, they wouldn’t like it. Fluffy loves hugs, but squeezing hugs is another matter.  I don’t know how I’m ever going to keep my desire to squeeze and lick and nibble in check when I have my own babies! Those poor kids are going to be sick of hearing how much I love them and think they are adorable…


One thought on “Good morning, good morning

  1. Hey girl –

    I thought I’d leave a comment on this entry, largely because of the baby portion. You know that I have shared a similar desire of being a relatively young mother. Despite this, I am not very good with children (I’m very awkward and not very maternal). I guess it just might be one of those things you grow into. I’m glad you feel consistently about having children, it has been a roller coaster for me.

    At the end of January I found out I was pregnant, and ultimately my boyfriend and I chose not to keep it. When we first started dating, we had set sort of a time line when we thought things should happen (mostly given the age difference between us) and this was definitely not planned in that time line. The whole thing shook the foundation of our relationship in a very big way (even though we felt very similarly that it was the right decision given the situation and so on). It makes me feel a lot better that you are able to feel the same way about it, even after all this time. I do want to have children eventually (and with the man I am with, who I hope will someday be my husband), but I also empathize with the choices you make in deciding that now is not the right time.

    In general things are back to normal and I am not severely affected in any way, although Mother’s Day felt a bit odd in a way I wasn’t expecting. Especially after seeing some of the posts on for this past week.

    I hope everything works out alright with you guys though, you have your whole lives! It’s important to have (as much as you can) in order before really diving into a commitment like children. I’m rooting for you!

    xoxo 🙂

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