Merry Christmas!

At the end of last week I caught a cold, and for several days on top of waking up to pee I would wake up with a very sore throat and congestion. I was mostly sleeping in 2 hour chunks, and then having to go to work.

This morning, I woke up and just felt in my body that I had slept for longer. I looked at the clock and saw I had slept over 5 hours straight! Then after using the bathroom and clearing my congestion as much as I could, I went back to bed for another 4 hour stretch of sleep.

I feel better than I have in days! What a wonderful Christmas gift from Santa for this pregnant mama!

Also, an update on the blood pressure: I checked at home later that day and it was very healthy again. I checked yesterday evening and it was up again, though not quite as high as it had been on Monday. When I go and see the doctor tomorrow in going to be sure to get there early and relax, and we’ll see what happens. I’ll probably finish some more hospital and baby prep at home today just in case.  I have a few more things to get ready, but we are just about there. Mostly I want to work on my quilt to finish it up!

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season to all!

37 weeks – BP jumped

All pregnancy I’ve had really nice BP ratings of 110-120 over 70-80.

I’ve also had a lot of fluid retention and am very swollen. I was feeling particularly like I could burst today.

Then I had my OB appt and got a blood pressure reading of 140/80. If it’s high at the next appt (Thursday though not scheduled yet and the office is closed til then -  fun!) then they will want to induce before due date due to pre-eclampsia concerns, and if it’s high and there is protein in my urine they would induce that day. If it goes back down then we will continue to wait and watch for labor to stay on its own.

Hoping it goes down on its own!

36 weeks – in the final stretch

Today I am 36 weeks pregnant. That’s by my count, bad on estimated ovulation date. Since the doctor goes by last menstruation period, by his count I’m 36 weeks and 3 days.

This morning I had an ultrasound to check the baby’s growth. They are watching it a little extra because I have an off center cord placement. Baby is so big now that it is hard to see much in the images, but I watched as the technician checked the size of her head, tummy, and kidneys as well as the amount of amniotic fluid. It all was healthy.

They estimate she weighs 6 lbs 11 ounces today! That sounds so big to me, as the average at 36 weeks is about a pound less. But still it is 58th percentile (based on Dr’s due date), which means it’s a very normal weight.

If she were born today she would be big enough to wear the newborn clothing that we have. It’s so amazing to think of!

Another good thing from the scan was confirmation that sheet is in a good position for labor. In fact, she is in an ideal position – left occiput anterior (LOA). I had already suspected as much, with the help of an article on belly mapping. She seems to have settled into that position a couple of weeks ago, having been sitting breech at 28 weeks and transverse a few weeks back. I was careful since then to sit up or forward regularly or to lie on my left side. I’m so glad she moved!

So, 36 weeks and things are looking good. I’m so happy and excited!

Baby is due next month!

Now that is December, I can say that my baby girl is due next month!

January 13th is the estimated due date
It’s really coming up soon, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. My belly is really pretty big and it’s hard to imagine we have 6 more weeks of growing to do. I think she’s a pretty strong and active baby, and she’s usually measured slightly on the big side, so I’m feeling pretty confident that she’s healthy enough at this point to do well should she makes her entrance from here on out.

We have one more ultrasound that I’m trying to schedule now for a week from Friday. It’s a growth scan to check on her due to the off center cord placement. My guess is she’ll be over 6 pounds at that scan.

It’s feeling pretty crowded in my belly. She’s already poking me in the ribs and pressing on my bladder. I guess all she has left is to make my belly stick out more!

Life is good

I am feeling really content and happy.

I figured the Internet can always use some more positivity so I’m going to share some of the reasons why.

Remember a few months ago when I wrote about negotiating part time work after my boss offered to hire someone for me to manage? We’d been looking for someone and I did several phone interviews and invited 3 candidates in did in person interviews. Well, all 3 were good and we decided to work out a plan to make an offer to not 1 but 2 of them, and to refer the third to another department hiring for the same role. One is an internal move and after some negotiating with his manager we have worked out that will start 2 weeks from Monday. I’m very excited!

I have only 5 weeks left in the office, including 3 with holidays. I also have the baby shower, office Christmas party, and a team outing during this time. It’s going to be January before I can blink an eye!

Husband and I are working together to make final decisions on purchases for baby. We recently decided on a stroller (the Uppababy Vista) and ordered furniture for the bedroom (where baby will join us) and living room (where there are currently lots of wires and games and controllers without proper storage). It feels like things are coming together and that we are working as a team.  We are also going to childbirth classes together. I love and appreciate it.

And of course, our baby is growing strong in my belly. Her movements have gotten strong enough to make my belly move, and she’s also started getting the hiccups. We love to look at the ultrasound pictures and imagine what she will be like. We feel bonded already and I’m sure it will only get stronger.

So much love and good things!

NYC pregnancy in the winter

On Monday I passed the 32 week mark. I’m doing well overall. I’m happy and looking forward to meeting our baby. With less than 2 months left, anxiety about the big life change is finally showing sometimes – but I’m still much more overwhelmingly excited than nervous or worried.

It is getting colder here in the city, and that is making me more comfortable. I think planning this pregnancy with the hope of my third trimester being in the winter really was a good call for me.

It had its amusements though… I keep seeing people with hat, scarf, and gloves and thinking they are way overdoing it. I’ve even been tempted to tease some of them. I have to stop myself and remember that my sense of temperature and my internal warming system is all hyped up. I am still turning on the fan at my desk (best purchase ever even though it arrived towards the end of summer right after the AC at the office was fixed). I generally don’t even close my coat. Sometimes I think I don’t need the coat at all.

I think I am definitely experiencing the world differently than most others right now.

Another observation I’ve may is that the winter layers make it harder to tell I’m pregnant. In September and October I was regularly getting seat offers on the subway, which at the end of a long day at work and with a 35 minute subway rider home, I greatly appreciated. But now, with my husband’s shapeless winter coat on, the actual offer from someone else is rare. And I’ve gotten some annoyed reactions when I aggressively went for an opening. I am over 7 months pregnant and my ride is a half hour or more, I think I deserve a seat thank you very much. But aside from unbuttoning and pulling aside my coat, removing it altogether, I’m not really sure how to make that happen.

The most bittersweet thing about being pregnant in the winter is that I can’t go skating. For the past several years I have loved returning to the ice in the winter when I could make use of the additional surfaces in the city, one of which is a block from my office and free. Now I walk past the skaters on the ice at lunch and cannot join them. It’s for an awesome reason and totally worth it, but I do miss the ice!

I am going to check these out

I just read this post at Science of Mom and am intrigued to check out both of these sources of honest stories:

The Longest Shortest Time – a podcast and accompanying blog

Stealing Time – a literary magazine for parents

I’m only negative 3 months into being a parent and already I can see how there’s is a need for these real stories that aren’t aiming to fan the mommy war flames or shock readers into attention.

If you check them out too, let me know what you think!